The Future of Ladonia

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Posted by Lord Aslak Viking, Minister of Propaganda on March 10, 1999 at 12:34:56:

Open letter to the administration of Ladonia:

Dearly beloved friends of Ladonia,

As we now enter the second stage in our evolution, much sooner actually than
any other civilization in the history of mankind, I strongly suggest we all take
a few seconds to reflect on ourselves, our roles and the future of Ladonia.

It is quite widely known that the history of every major civilization tends to
pass through three distinct and recognizable phases, those of Survival, Inquiry and
Sophistication, otherwise known as the How, Why and Where phases.

For instance, the first phase is characterized by the question "How can we
eat?", the second by the question "Why do we eat?" and the third by the
question, "Where shall we have lunch?".

As our beloved and respected President now has initiated a revolution to
challange both him and our highly admirable Queen, he has at the same time
taken us to the very dawn of the second stage to the Inquiry-level.

Therefore, I would like to address my fellow ministers with the very simple
question: Why do we have a president? And a Queen?

The answer is surely much more complicated than the question. And before we
start to debate on how to reach the answer, I would like to make a brief
reflection on the issue of being a President and Queen:

The Queen, and the President in particular, are very much figureheads - none
of them wield no real power whatsoever. They have been chosen by the subjects/citizens
of Ladonia, but the qualities they are required to display are not those of leadership
but those of finely judged crazyness and/or being entertaining. For this reason the
Queen and the President are always controversial choices, always infuriating but
fascinating characters. Their actual job is not to wield power but to draw attention
away from it.

Bearing this is mind, I strongly suggest from my cool spot on the edge of the
Ladonian Glacier that if the ministers and the parlaiment decides to actually liberate
our Queen and President from their power, why replace them with one or two new,
equally old-fashioned characters?

However, I have to admit that if we should decide to install our Secretary of State
as dictator, one good criteria of ruleship would be fulfilled: That the ruler is installed
against his/her own free will (I beleive this is the case with Mr Lars Vilks). Only a ruler
with no ambition to rule is fit to decide over other peoples realities, since all decisions
will be made with absolutely minimal egoism and interest in personal gain.

Should this, highly unlike, scenario become reality, I sincierly hope the first ruling from our
new dictator would be a total and unconditional dismissal of all ministers and the parlaiment.
Only then, will the dictator become a dictator.

All things concluded, I hope we can take this debate a few steps further, discussing the
why-questions rather than the how's why shall we be ruled, rather than how shall we be
ruled. And, with kind guidance from the larger forces of the universe, we will in due time
end up ask quations like: Where shall we, as a nation, exist?, rather than How shall we
exist? or Why shall we exist?

My personal suggestion is that we use our combined creative force to design a completely
new, fresh and never-before-seen mode of ruleship. A way that can inspire other nations
to refresh their stone-aged ways of creating fake democracies.

The Copernicus Crater,
March 10, 1999,

Lord Aslak Viking
Minister of Propaganda

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