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Posted by Kane on January 28, 1999 at 10:41:53:

In Reply to: Re: Latin Lessons (qua - rusticus) posted by Kane on January 28, 1999 at 10:38:37:


sabbatum : sabbath.
sacculus : purse, little bag, little sack.
sacrificum : sacrifice.
sacrilegus : sacrilegious, impious.
saepe sepe : hedge, fence, enclosure, haye.
saepe sepe : often, frequently, repeatedly.
saepenumero : repeated, again and again.
saepius sepius : often, frequently, repeatedly.
saeta : hair.
saeta equina : horse-hair.
saevio : to rage, be furious, take violent action.
sal salis : salt, wit.
salsus : salty, witty.
saltem : at least, at all events.
salus : health, safety, well-being, salvation / salutation.
saluto : to wish well, greet, visit, reverence, pay respect to.
salutor : visitor, caller.
salveo : to be well, be in good health.
salvus : safe, sound.
sanctifico : to sanctify, make holy.
sanctimonia : purity, charity, virtue, sanctity, sacredness.
sanctimonialis : nun.
Sanctus Eleutherius : St. Eligius.
Sanctus Egidius : St. Gilles.
sanctus : holy, sacred, / saint.
Sanctus Rodoenus : St. Ouen.
sane : rationally, sensibly, really, indeed, to be sure.
sanitas : health, soundness of mend, sanity.
sano : to heal.
Santiago : St. James.
sanus : sound, healthy, sane.
sapiens : (subs.) a wise man, philosopher.
sapiens : wise, judicious.
sapienter : wisely, judiciously.
sapientia : wisdom.
sarcina : bundle, pack, burden, load.
satago : to pay a creditor, satisfy a creditor.
satago : have one's hands full, have enough to do.
satio : to satisfy, sate.
satis : enough, sufficient / sufficiently.
sato : to sow, plant.
satura : satire.
saturo : to fill, satisfy.
scaber : scabby, rough.
scabies : the itch, mange, a rash.
Scaldus : Scheldt.
scamnum : bench, stool.
scaphium (sciphus : Herimann, cap. 24) pot, bowl, drinking vessel
sceleratus : wicked, accursed, infamous, criminal.
scelero : to pollute with guilt, with blood, etc.
scelestus : wicked, accursed, infamous, criminal.
scelus sceleris : crime, sin, evil deed, wickedness.
schola : school / elite troop of soldiers.
scientia : knowledge, science, skill.
scilicet : evidently, certainly, of course, no doubt, assuredly.
scindo : to cut, rend, split, divide, separate.
scio scivi scitum : to know.
scio : to know, understand.
scio : to know, understand.
scisco : investigate, ask, inquire / vote, ordain, resolve.
scribo, scripsi scriptum : to write, compose.
scrinium : bookcase, case for papers.
scriptor : writer, author, scribe.
se habere : to keep oneself.
se gero : to conduct oneself, conduct, carry on.
se astringo : to commit oneself to.
secedo : to go apart, withdraw.
secerno secrevi secretum : to separate.
secundum : (adv.) after, behind.
secundum : (+ inf.), following, after, during, according to.
secundus : second.
securus : safe, secure, free from care, unworried, unconcerned.
secus : non secus, haud secus: just so.
secus : otherwise, not so.
secus + atque or quam : differently from, otherwise than.
secus : wrongly, badly, not as one would wish.
secuutus : follower, pursuer.
sed : but / and indeed, what is more.
sedeo sedi sessum : to sit.
seditio : dissension, quarrel, insurrection, mutiny, rising.
sedo : to settle, smooth, calm, allay.
seductor : seducer.
semel : a single time, for the first time, even once, once, ever.
semper : always, ever.
senectus : old age, dotage.
senex senis : old, aged, old man.
sensus : feeling, sense.
sententia : opinion, thought, way of thinking, meaning, purpose.
sentio : to judge, suppose, vote.
sentio : feel, perceive, experience, hold an opinion,
seorsum : apart, separately.
sepelio : to ruin, destroy, bury.
septem : seven.
sepulchrum : grave, tomb, sepulcher.
seputus : buried, sunk, immersed.
sequax : following, attending, pursuing.
sequor sequi secutus : to follow, trail.
serio : seriously.
serius : serious, grave, solemn.
sermo : talk, common talk, rumor, report, discussion.
sermo : discussion, talk, common talk, conversation, rumor.
sero : to sow, plant. also, late, at a late hour.
servio : (+ dat.) to be a slave to, serve.
servitus : servitude, slavery.
servo : to watch over, keep, protect, observe, save, reserve.
servus : slave, serf.
sese : =se : himself, herself, itself.
severitas : severity, rigor, sternness, strictness.
si : if.
sibimet : to them themselves.
sic : so, thus / yes, that is so, that is right.
siccus : dry, thirsty / sober, temperate.
Siclinium : Seclin.
Siclinium : Seclin in Melanchois.
sicut : as, just as, as it were, (+verb in subj.) just as if.
sidus : constellation, star.
signum : sign, seal, indication, sign.
silens : silent, still
silenti etc : the dead.
silentium : silence, stillness, quiet, repose, obscurity.
silentium : (religion) faultlessness, perfection.
sileo : to be still, silent / (+ acc.) be silent about / rest.
siligo -inis : wheat, wheat flour.
silva : woods, forest.
similis : similar, like, resembling.
similitudo : likeness, resemblance / uniformity.
simplex : simple, unaffected.
simul atque : as soon as.
simul : at once, at the same time, together.
simulatio : pretense,
sine : (+ abl.) without.
singularis : alone, unique, extraordinary, individual, singular.
singuli : one each, one apiece, single, separate.
singultim : stammeringly.
singultus : sobbing, gasping.
singultus : sobbing, death rattle.
singulus : single, separate, one at a time, one each.
sino : allow, suffer, permit, let.
siquidem : since, indeed
sitio : to be thirsty.
sitis : thirst, dryness, drought, eager desire.
sive seu : or if.
socer : father in law.
socius : sharing, associated, allied.
socius : partner, comrade, associate, ally, fellow.
sodalitas : fellowship, companionship, secret society.
sol solis : sun.
soleo : to be accustomed, be used to.
solio : ? Herimann, cap. 28.
solitudo solitudinis : loneliness, solitude.
solium : chair of state, throne / bath-tub.
sollers : clever, skillful.
sollicito : to stir up, incite, arouse.
sollicitudo : uneasiness, anxiety, disquiet, apprehension.
sollicitudo : concern, anxiety, solicitude, worry.
sollicitus : uneasy, worried, anxious, restless, agitated.
sollicitus : troubled, anxious, concerned, worried.
solum : land, country, soil, ground / bottom, floor, foundation.
solum : non solum ... sed etiam : not only ... but also.
solum : (adv) alone, only.
solus : alone, only, the only.
solutio : loosening / payment / solution / explanation.
solvo : to loosen, untie, release, free, dissolve, break up.
somniculosus : sleepy, drowsy
somniculouse : sleepily, drowsily.
somnio : to dream / (+ acc.) to dream of, imagine foolishly.
somnium : dream, fancy, day-dream / foolishness, nonsense.
somnus : sleep.
sonitus : noise, sound.
sono : to make a noise / sing / celebrate / (of words) to mean.
sophismata : false conclusions, logical fallacies.
sopor : deep sleep.
sordeo : to be dirty, appear vile.
sordes : filth, meanness, stinginess.
sordesco : to become dirty.
sortitus : casting lots, deciding by lot.
spargo sparsi sparsum : scatter, strew, spread.
speciosus : beautiful, handsome, imposing / specious plausible.
spectaculum : spectacle, show.
specto : to look at, watch, see.
speculum : mirror.
specus : cave, cavern, grotto, den.
sperno sprevi spretum : to scorn, despise, spurn.
spero : to hope for, hope.
spes : hope.
spiculum : sharp point, sting, spear, dart.
spiritus : breath, breathing / life / spirit.
spoliatio : plundering, looting, stripping, robbing.
spolio : to strip, plunder, despoil, rob, loot
spolium : spoils, plunder, booty.
sponte : willingly, of one's own accord, unaided.
St. Richarius : St. Riquier.
stabilis : firm, stable, steadfast.
stabilitas : firmness, stability, durability.
Stabulaus : Stavelot.
statim : firmly, steadfastly, on the spot, at once, immediately.
statua : statue.
statuo : to give a ruling, make an arrangement, decide.
statuo : to cause to stand, establish, place, set up.
stella : star.
stillicidium : dripping moisture, rainwater from the eaves.
stipes, itis : log, tree-trunk, branch, post, club, blockhead.
stipes : log, stump, tree trunk, branch, post, club.
stips, stipis : small coin, gift.
sto, steti, statum : to stand, stand still, stand firm.
strenuus : brisk, active, vigorous / turbulent, restive.
strues : piles, heaps, masses.
studio : (+ dat.) to study, pursue eagerly, be eager for.
studiose : eagerly.
studium : eagerness, zeal.
stultus : foolish / a fool.
suadeo : to recommend, advise (a person)
suasoria : persuasive discourse.
sub : (+ acc. or dat.) under, up under, close to, beneath, below.
subito : adv. suddenly, unexpectedly.
subitus : sudden, unexpected.
subiungo : to yoke beneath, join, attach, subdue, subjugate.
sublime : on high, aloft.
subnecto : to bind on beneath, to tie.
subseco : to cut away, pare
subsequor : to follow after
substantia : substance, essence, means of subsistence, property.
subvenio : to come up to aid, relieve.
subvenio : to come to the aid, succor, relieve, help, assist.
succedo : to approach, submit, etc. etc.
succendo : to kindle, set afire from below.
successio : succeeding, succession, descent, descendant.
succurro : to run up under / aid, assist, help.
sufficio : to be sufficient, suffice, be enough.
suffoco : to strangle, choke, suffocate.
suffragium : vote, franchise / approval support, aid, assistance.
suggero : to bring up, supply, provide, add, attach. place next.
sui : himself, herself, itself.
sulum : each, every.
sum fui futurus : to be, exist.
summa : the highest part / whole, sum.
summisse : humbly, softly, calmly, modestly.
summissus (from summitto) : let down, lowered, gentle, mild.
summopere : very much, exceedingly.
sumo : to take, choose, obtain, buy. / take for granted, assume.
sumptus : expense, cost.
supellex supellectilis : furniture, apparatus, gear.
super : (prep.) (+ abl.) over, above / concerning, about, besides.
super : (adv.) over, above, besides, beyond, moreover, remaining.
superbia : pride, arrogance.
superbus : overbearing, arrogant, haughty, proud.
superficies : surface, top.
superfluo : flow over, overflow, be superfluous.
superna : northeast by north wind.
superne : from above, above.
supernus : above, superior.
supero : to be above, have the upper hand, surpass, conquer, overcome.
supersum : to be superfluous, to remain.
superus superior supremus or summus : above, upper, high.
supervacuus : superfluous, unnecessary, extra : supervenio : to arrive,
come up, arrive unexpectedly.
suppellex suppellectilus : ornaments.
suppellex suppellectilus : household articles, furniture, goods.
supplanto : to trip up.
supplex : kneeling, entreating, suppliant.
supplicium : punishment.
suppono subpono : to put under, subject / put next to, add.
suppono subpono : to put in place of, substitute, forge.
supra : (+ acc.) above.
surculus : shoot, sprout.
surgo surrexi surrectum : to get up arise.
sursum : upwards, sursum deorsum : up and down.
suscipio : to raise up, maintain, support, accept, receive, undertake.
suscito : to stir up, arouse, excite.
suspendo suspendi suspensum : to suspend, hang.
sustineo : to hold up, sustain, endure.
suus sua suum : (refl. poss. adj.) his, her, its, their own.
synagoga : synagogue.


tabella : writing tablet.
tabellae : letter, document.
tabernus : booth, hut, cottage, hove, small shop, inn, tavern.
tabesco : to melt, waste away, pine, be spoiled.
tabgo tetigi tactum : to touch.
tabula : board, plank, gaming board, painted panel.
taceo tacuitacitum : to be silent, leave unmentioned.
tactus : sense of feeling, touch.
taedium, tedium : disgust, weariness, boredom.
talio, -onis : retribution.
talis : of such a kind, such.
talus : the ankle, ankle bone,.
tam ... quam : as ... as possible.
tam : to such a degree, so, so far.
tamdiu : for such a long time.
tamen : notwithstanding, nevertheless, yet, still, for all that.
tametsi : even if, although.
tamisium : sieve, sifter (Herimann, p. 308).
tamquam tanquam : as, just as, like as, just as if.
tandem : adv. at last, finally.
tantillus : so little, so small.
tantum : only.
tantummodo : only just, just so long as.
tantus : so large, so great, of such a size.
tardus : slow, late, tardy.
Taruennam : The Rouanne.
te : (abl.) you / no one's sweeter than YOU.
te : (acc.) you / I got YOU, babe.
tego texi tectum : to cover, bury, conceal, hide, protect, shield.
temeritas : rashness, temerity.
temperantia : moderation, self-control, temperance.
tempero : to mix properly, temper, regulate, mitigate.
tempero : be moderate, control oneself.
tempero : (+abl. or with ab) to keep from, refrain from.
tempero : (+ dat.) to control, use with moderation, spare,
tempestas : storm, weather.
Templovium : Templeuve, villa near Cisoing.
templum : sacred precinct, temple, sometimes church.
temptatio : trial, temptation.
tempus temporis : time.
tenax : grasping, stingy, clinging, frugal, obstinate.
tendo : to direct, try, attempt, stretch, extend, present, give.
tendo : to direct one's course, tend, make or head for.
teneo : to keep on, persist, persevere, endure.
teneo : to hold, keep, possess, maintain.
teneo : to grasp, know, understand.
tener tenera tenerum : tender, delicate, soft, young.
tenuis : thin, slight, feeble, slim, slender.
tenus : prep. With abl. as far as, up to, to, down to.
tenus : (after a name in abl. or gen.) up to, down to as far as.
tepesco : to cool, grow lukewarm, decrease.
tepidus : warm, luke-warm, tepid
ter : three times, thrice.
terebro : to bore through, perforate.
teres : rounded, polished, smooth, fine, elegant.
terga dare : to flee, retreat, run away.
tergeo tergo tersi tersum : to wipe, scour, clean
tergiversatio : backwardness, reluctance, evasion.
tergo (a tergo ) : in the rear, from behind
tergum : skin, hide
tergum : back, rear.
tergus : the back / skin, hide, leather.
termes : a tree branch (especially olive).
terminatio : termination, determination, setting of boundaries.
termino : restrict, define, close, set a limit to.
terminus : a boundary mark, limit, end, border.
tero trivi tritum : to rub, wear out.
terra : earth, ground, land, country, soil.
terreo : to frighten, terrify, scare away, deter.
territo : to scare, frighten, intimidate.
terror : fright, fear, terror.
tersus : clean, neat, correct.
tertius : third.
testimonium : proof, evidence, witness, indication.
testis : one who gives evidence, witness, spectator / testicle.
texo : to weave, twine together, plait, construct, build.
texo : the main verb for weaving of cloth.
textilis : woven fabric, piece of cloth.
textor textrix : weaver.
textus : woven cloth, web.
thalassinus : sea-green.
theatrum : theater.
theca : case, envelope, covering.
thema thematis : theme.
thema : subject, topic, theme.
theologus : theologian.
thermae : warm springs, warm baths.
thesaurus : treasure, horde / store-room, treasury.
thesis : proposition, thesis.
thorax : breastplate
thymbra : the herb savory.
thymum : the herb thyme.
tibi: (dat.) you / I can't give YOU anything but love, baby.
timeo : to fear, be afraid, dread.
timidus : fearful, timid.
timor : fear, dread, object causing fear.
titulus : label, title, placard.
tolero : to tolerate, bear, endure, sustain.
tollo sustuli sublatum : to lift up, raise, elevate, carry away.
tondeo totondi tonsum : shave, shear, clip, mow, reap, browse.
tonsor : barbar.
Tornacense : Tournai.
torqueo : to twist, curl, rack, torture, torment, distort, test.
torrens : rushing, seething, burning, parched / a torrent.
tot : (indecl.) so many.
totidem : just as many.
toties, toties : so often, so many times.
toties, totiens : so many times, so often.
toties : often, so many times.
totus : whole, entire, complete, all.
tracto : to drag, handle / treat, discuss, deal with.
trado tradidi traditum : surrender / hand over / transmit, teach.
traho traxi tractum : to drag, pull / derive, get.
Traiectensium : Utrecht.
Traiectum : Maastricht.
trans : (+ acc.) across.
transeo : to go over, pass over, cross over, go past.
transfero transtuli translatum : carry across, transfer, convey.
transmitto : to send, carry, or convey across.
tredecim : (indecl.) thirteen
Trellum : Tre Blon, castle in Hannonia.
tremo : to tremble, shake, shudder.
trepide : with trepidation, in confusion,
tres tria : three.
Treverim : Triers.
tribuo : to give out, divide, allot, assign, grant, give, allow.
tricesimus : thirtieth.
triduana : lasting three days.
triduanus : three days' duration, lasting three days.
triduum : a period of three days.
triginta : (inedl.) thirty.
tripudio : to leap, jump, dance (as in a religious procession).
tristis : sad, gloomy, downcast.
Trium Fontium : Trois-Fontaines, Marne, Vitry-le-Francais.
triumphus : triumphal procession, triumph.
trucido : to kill cruelly, slay, butcher, massacre, slaughter.
truculenter : (adv.) wildly, savagely, fiercely, cruelly, roughly
tu : you / Old Heidelberg, you are the finest.
tubineus : cone shaped
tui : your yours / I read YOUR letter that said, dear John.
tum : at that time, then / thereupon, in the next place.
tumultus : uprising, disturbance, riot, tumult.
tumulus : mound, grave, heap of earth.
tunc : then, at that time.
Tungris : Tongres.
turba : uproar, disturbance / mob, crowd, multitude.
turbatio : disturbance, confusion.
turbatus : angered, exasperated / disturbed, restless, troubled.
turbo, onis : hurricane. tornado, that which spins
turbo : to disturb, upset, throw into disorder, confuse, unsettle.
turpe : a disgrace.
turpis : foul, ugly, disgraceful, morally corrupt.
tutamen tutaminis : defense, protection
tutis : protected, safe, secure.
tyrannus : tyrant, absolute ruler.

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