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Posted by Baron J, Custodian of Ladonia on June 04, 1998 at 20:38:42:

In Reply to: Re: The National Poem (And The Poem it is...) posted by Nemo on June 03, 1998 at 15:43:10:

: : I have sometimes cheated with poetry. You insist calling the Nay´s a construction of a poem. To me poetry is all about condensation, about empowered words, hightening the sence of being a living soul and body in the flow of time. My question is then, how can a poem or condensation be made out of this pile of Nay´s.
: : I would suggest some sort of metaphysical approach to transform the words into a good poem. Maybe one could see them as one/many anagrams and try to order the letters in different ways, maybe with a help of Chance. At this moment it is not much of a poem, more like a silent creek I would say, which of course has its own value, metaphorically.

: : Good Luck with the work

: : /Johan

: You say, the Poetry is about condensation? But what can be more condensed than 'nothings' put together: they are so condenced, they can almost compete with the Nothingness itself. One can insert other words inbetween, but the result will not be as pure and condenced as the Poem in its current state!

: However, I agree with you that a goo rearangment of nothings, will not influence the meaning of the poem, while giving it a special charm. I tried to present the Poem in a graphical way, but this work is far from satisfactory. I wish I had more time to make a larger research on it.

: I invite ladonians to experiment with presentation of Nothingness. I initiated this project as a common work of all ladonians, having in mind that together we have a chance of creating something from Nothing...

: Nemo,
: En nihilum non nihil fit.

: PS1: Baron, yes, you are an MLP.
: PS2: It is silent creeks whick form loud torrents...

Dear speaker!

I see. I was fishing for the english word for "förtätning", usually
used to describe or define a good poem, even if the word is tied up with
a feeling of the poem, a subjective respons. "Kondensation" also condensation
in english, is referring to the opposite in some way (the physical phenomena).
At this moment the poem is therapy, an indeed silent wall, as you illustrated.
I wonder what´s on the other side. Here a formula could be of some help maybe:
"We need the nothingness' to get bye them". One reflection could be that words are
nothing, they are signs, representations. I think that this could lead somewhere.
Maybe we should live together in a society without words and language. How would
such a society be organized. Maybe the information age is just a big rolling snowball
of nothingness, assimilating us and turning us into empty things. Maybe in some sense.
What is the counterforces then?. Art maybe, Music?

Anyway, when my thoughts take the creek shape i feel more thingness, or less nothingness inside
of me. I see the tree before me, and it is not a is simply a tree with distinct
colour and shape and respons to aerial movements. THats poetry, thingness is poetry.

/Baron J

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