Bergen Streetcar 5x

IXWebHosting suddenly decided that they can no longer host large websites, while still claiming an unlimited storage plan. They demand that I remove all archives that I link to from this page. I have no other option than to comply, so the links will become dead after a short wile. If you are interested in downloading the videos on this site while I figure out where to host them, please leave a comment.

Bergensbanen Minute by Minute set a trend for a series of shorter real-time railway ride recordings, performed by NRK staff.

The front view camera recording from the trip with Bergen Streetcar (Bybanen i Bergen) was published by NRK under the Creative Commons license.

“Bybanen i Bergen” – NRK

I have created a timelapse of the trip at 5x of its normal speed. It can either be viewed directly from my site or downloaded in one of the two versions below.


Each version is archived with WinRAR for ease of download and verification.

  • Low-res/iPhone (77MB, MP4, 640×360, 25fps, 2000kbps)

  • Hi-res (154MB, MP4, 1024×576, 50fps, 4000kbps)

  • Real-time for iPhone (Video: 321MB, MP4, 640×360, 25fps, 1600kbps; Audio: AAC, 64kbps)

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